Heads-Up for Teachers

Not quite a save-the-date yet, since the date hasn't been set, but I've got something in the works that will be GREAT for LA-area yoga teachers, new and old alike.

Working with the amazing team at Golden Bridge Yoga, I'm organizing a skills exchange focused on hands-on adjustments... we'll all give some adjustments and have ample time to practice them on one another, learning lots in the process. We'll do a little asana and chanting together, too, and spend a little time networking.

And there will definitely be some yummy vegan (and certainly organic) treats on hand to keep us energized.

Stay tuned for more news!


Prenatal Yoga

There is definitely something in the water... record numbers of my regular students are expecting right now, so I thought I'd post some prenatal yoga resources, since I'm not currently teaching any classes focused specifically on pre- or postnatal.

Of course, if you're already engaged in an active yoga practice when you become pregnant, there is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing the practice as long as you feel able. And I can offer lots of modifications to accommodate the growing belly. The key is to listen to your body and to the baby and decide for yourself when it's time to go a bit easier.

Here are some recommendations for good prenatal classes in town:

Hollywood area:
  • City Yoga, one of my favorite studios, offers a variety of classes
  • Larchmont Center for Yoga, now part of the YogaWorks monopoly, has perhaps the biggest variety of times, including evening classes
  • Liberation Yoga is adding a new pre- and postnatal mixed class in May
  • Golden Bridge is always a great place for Kundalini yogis to nurture themselves through all stages of pre- and postnatal development, and there's even a lot of kids yoga for when the baby gets older

West Side:


Observation vs. transformation

I don't consider Yoga Journal to be the end-all-be-all of yoga discourse, but occasionally they offer thought-provoking tidbits of insight that I feel better off for reading. Like this one, from their last e-newsletter:
YJ teacher and Bay Club yoga director Jason Crandell regularly receives job applications from teachers of all traditions. The common thread? Nearly all applicants dangle the promise of transformation through their teaching methods. Crandell holds that teachers should instead encourage self-observation, and transformation will occur naturally as a by-product.

In a culture obsessed with self-improvement, yoga is widely seen as a vehicle of change. Might we be better served, however, to seek something more mundane?

“Yoga is not just another self-improvement craze…. It is a practice of self-acceptance, which is a very different thing. You don’t need to be fixed; you simply need to … remember who you truly are,” says Gurmukh.
I couldn't agree more.

And p.s....

No planned absences from class for the foreseeable future! Yay!!

(I will of course be climbing over Memorial Day, but I have no other plans that will keep me from teaching.)

Current Schedule

Hello there, any remaining readers... I have been a bad, bad blogger for several months now. It's awfully daunting to think about something truly profound to write, especially after it's been a week, a month, many months since last posting.... so I've let myself get trapped in that cycle.

New rule: short entries ok. Profound thoughts not necessary.

So here's something easy... current class schedule. Unchanged from last update.

Wednesday -- 8 p.m. 24 Hour Fitness West Hollywood
Thursday -- 7:30 p.m. 24 Hour Fitness West Hollywood
Saturday -- 10:00 a.m. (90 minutes) Gold's Gym Downtown
Sunday -- 9:30 a.m. (90 minutes) Golden Bridge Yoga Hollywood

More soon... lots of love...