Prenatal Yoga

There is definitely something in the water... record numbers of my regular students are expecting right now, so I thought I'd post some prenatal yoga resources, since I'm not currently teaching any classes focused specifically on pre- or postnatal.

Of course, if you're already engaged in an active yoga practice when you become pregnant, there is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing the practice as long as you feel able. And I can offer lots of modifications to accommodate the growing belly. The key is to listen to your body and to the baby and decide for yourself when it's time to go a bit easier.

Here are some recommendations for good prenatal classes in town:

Hollywood area:
  • City Yoga, one of my favorite studios, offers a variety of classes
  • Larchmont Center for Yoga, now part of the YogaWorks monopoly, has perhaps the biggest variety of times, including evening classes
  • Liberation Yoga is adding a new pre- and postnatal mixed class in May
  • Golden Bridge is always a great place for Kundalini yogis to nurture themselves through all stages of pre- and postnatal development, and there's even a lot of kids yoga for when the baby gets older

West Side:

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