Observation vs. transformation

I don't consider Yoga Journal to be the end-all-be-all of yoga discourse, but occasionally they offer thought-provoking tidbits of insight that I feel better off for reading. Like this one, from their last e-newsletter:
YJ teacher and Bay Club yoga director Jason Crandell regularly receives job applications from teachers of all traditions. The common thread? Nearly all applicants dangle the promise of transformation through their teaching methods. Crandell holds that teachers should instead encourage self-observation, and transformation will occur naturally as a by-product.

In a culture obsessed with self-improvement, yoga is widely seen as a vehicle of change. Might we be better served, however, to seek something more mundane?

“Yoga is not just another self-improvement craze…. It is a practice of self-acceptance, which is a very different thing. You don’t need to be fixed; you simply need to … remember who you truly are,” says Gurmukh.
I couldn't agree more.

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